Are you ambitious for business growth?
Would you like to free up - maybe 50% - of your time?
Could you benefit from better cash flow and greater efficiency?

We can help you become more productive, make better use of your marketing budget, convert more sales, give you back your time and help you gain a happier life in business.


We'll allocate a named Virtual PA team of three for you to brief, get to know and build a relationship with. You'll be coached on how to maximise value from them as they handle your calls, manage your diary and carry out tasks that hold you back from doing what you do best.

Call 01733 293703 to speak to your new Virtual PA or email


Client comment: - "Just wanted to let you know I've been getting some great feedback from clients who have spoken to you and the rest of the girls on the team about how friendly and professional you all are! I'm especially impressed with your directions! It must be really hard but you're doing a great job, thank you! I've got so busy and I really don't think I could have without you guys, I just think about all those calls I'd have missed!"


Delivering quality service since 2001


Virtual PA Co founder Gail Thomas is currently researching the value of delegation in SMEs, if you have a few moments could you please help and complete the survey here, thank you.


WE ARE - one of a handful of Virtual PA Services offering bespoke telephone answering and administration services, a true Virtual PA service for discerning customers. For more click here

WE GUARANTEE - a named virtual PA, plus well-briefed back-ups available every working hour of the week for an absolute fraction of a monthly salary.

Interested in joining our team? Please click here

Call 01733 293703 and try the service for the discerning client.


Only a Virtual PA service with a team empowered to make calls on your behalf, check and manage your diary, send emails, view orders etc. can really give the service we believe you need.


Handling your calls means one, two or three people who you know and trust, who in turn know you and your business, answering your calls in your company name. They need information, knowledge, initiative and your briefing to truly give a service that adds value to your business.

Get your calls answered and dealt with. Small businesses look bigger and don't miss new business calls and larger companies get vital overflow resource at busy times, protecting reputation and upholding customer service levels.

You need your orders closed first time with payments taken,
 diary booked, emails checked and maybe your social media managed. This can all be done by your Virtual PA so that you can get on with what you do best, with your cash flow boosted and customers happy.

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Click above to email for your telephone answering service trial or call 01733 297580.
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