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Precious Time

There it was, lying on the mat, that little red envelope with the familiar hand writing, how lovely after all these years, amazing that we still make the effort, never take anything for granted.
Such a horrible dull morning but off to The Holiday Inn for lunch with The Women in Business, you never know we might get chocolates and a rose as it is Valentine’s Day.
Delegation is on our agenda at the moment at Virtual PA Co so I thought I would ask my fellow diners the question of: If you have 3 things that you could delegate today to free up some precious time what would they be? Once we had got passed the washing, cleaning and ironing the most common tasks were: managing online presence, updating data bases and writing up reports.
It makes you think of ways to free up our time and how we can do this, so that we have got time for that cup of coffee with a friend in need or to pick the kids up early from the minder. We all deserve a bit of me time to re-evaluate and take stock of what have but we need the tools in place to be able to do this.
If you would like to delegate just contact me on 01733 293642 or email me on