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Control Freak?

November 28 2012

Probably a master delegator in the making After 11 years of my business – Virtual PA Co – receiving the results of delegation, I think we can safely conclude that the best delegators, somewhat ironically, are the control freaks. By their own admission, control freaks find it hard to let go, hard to believe that... [Read More]

Virtual PA Company Apprentice speaks at House of Lords Digital launch

November 14 2012

Everybody’s doing it, Social Media, the new black. Now there’s even an apprenticeship for it and local company the Virtual PA Company is one of the first to champion the cause and recruit a Digital Apprentice from the very first intake at Peterborough Regional College and in association with the Digital Youth Academy founded by... [Read More]

Share a secretary, free up your time!

October 15 2012

We share secretaries with busy people. We’ve done this for eleven years, we started because our founder needed a PA, couldn’t afford a whole one and decided to share one. With a business idea looming she bit the bullet and recruited three secretaries, to cover holidays, lunch hours and sickness but still give a highly... [Read More]

A service for the discerning client…

May 31 2012

That’s what we’re seeing… a shift in the typical client interested in our service. In 2001 there wasn’t even a name for what we do, we called it ‘secretarial support for small and growing businesses nationwide’. Not a bad description even today. But we now know our service sits somewhere between ‘a call answering service’... [Read More]

Let’s get virtual…

February 29 2012

“If I was setting up again now,” says Rupert, co-founder of a £10m biz, “I’d do it all virtually”. We couldn’t agree more. You get a named Virtual PA, who is accountable for all work done for you but who is backed up by a small team (we recommend no more than two, but it’s... [Read More]

Do entrepreneurs work harder?

January 17 2012

The Virtual PA Co service is engaged by employed departmental managers of big companies, but we also do work for many many entrepreneurs. For some we work so that they can go off and do more (sales, marketing, networking, business!). For others, we effectively run their business – taking calls, orders, payments, issuing and chasing invoices,... [Read More]

To recruit or not to recruit, a virtual question?

January 10 2012

Gary’s business is busy, fabulously busy but still young and whilst turnover is exceeding expectation – remarkable in these times – overheads still feel low and business margin or profitability still feels under pressure. Gary uses the Virtual PA Co service in the most optimal way, he gets what we are about in the way our founder intended. We... [Read More]

Agency worker rights – good news?

January 4 2012

For Virtual PA Co it is! For years we’ve known that for small companies and large alike, when it’s not appropriate to recruit a permanent employee, sometimes it’s equally inappropriate to recruit a temp or agency worker. The former is usually the case when business seasonality is the driver and the latter was more likely if help... [Read More]


December 14 2011

Could you do with an overflow for your calls at your busiest time of year? At busy times, the last thing you want or need is to lose important calls, after all, we’ve all hung up on an answer phone in our time or abandoned a call queue in frustration.Keeping callers waiting or making them... [Read More]