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May 14 2019

The percentage of first time UK callers who won’t leave a voicemail if their call isn’t answered directly*. This is a 2014 statistic, it has probably changed. We doubt it’s for the better. People are more phobic about their phones than ever before, the little box that started as a way of talking to others... [Read More]

We do it better…

May 3 2019

It’s very simple. Call answering services have been around a long time, many clients enjoy the knowledge that their calls are being picked up and answered in their company name. Their callers are told they’re not available, a message is taken, that message is sent and the transaction is done. Great. Enough for some. But... [Read More]

Virtual PA Ellie is ready to help!

May 3 2019

I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of the team, my name is Ellie and I am experienced in CRM systems, administration and customer service! Since starting at Virtual PA Co back in January I am sure some of you will have heard my name or seen it as your messages come... [Read More]

The problems we solve…

May 3 2019

Our call handling service is expressly designed to ease the path of the business person or entrepreneur by solving some familiar problems. Because we also do admin, system access and combine it with our experience and natural born initiative, we offer you so much more than just a message. Here are just some of the... [Read More]


February 22 2019

DO YOU RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS? Then you need to think about this. Not only can a call you don’t get to lose you money, the issue is often compounded because you’re obliged to return a voicemail or missed call which can mean multiple attempts only to find that the potential client got fixed up... [Read More]

Taking a bite of The Biscuit

January 30 2019

Last year we decided to exhibit at The Biscuit, a relatively new exhibition for local businesses in Peterborough. We’d not done an exhibition for a while but felt it was possibly the right time, to get out there a bit, raise our profile, hopefully pick up a new client or two and – truthfully –... [Read More]

What we do for… salons and clinics

January 28 2019

We know how it goes in salon life. Your team are busy with clients, the receptionist (or whoever is picking up that role at that particular moment) is dealing with someone at the desk and the phone is ringing off the hook. Great! Fantastic to be busy! But, now there is a dilemma, leave the... [Read More]

The systems we can use for you

September 26 2018

Being an office-based Virtual PA means huge variety of clients – just enough to keep it highly personalised but more than probably your average VA working from home. It also means we can specialise as teams into specific industries or sectors. And to do the work we do at the depth that we do it,... [Read More]


August 9 2018

If you are a boutique pub with rooms, BnB or small hotel – have we got great news for you! We can help you increase bookings, improve customer service and build your mailing list (a huge boon in these days of impending GDPR). How? We look after a number of small hotels and pubs with rooms... [Read More]


April 26 2018

AND WE’D LOVE TO PUT A SPRING IN YOURS! There’s no better feeling in business than the one you get when someone else tells you ‘We’ve got this.’ And at Virtual PA Co, we’d say there’s no better feeling in our work than being able to say that to a business owner! It happens all... [Read More]