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Call handling service

More than a message because we do it better
Get your business calls answered in your company name and handled by your allocated Virtual PA Co team who sound just like an employee of yours based in your office.

Divert as many phones as you like and/or use your own number and point all calls to your virtual team. You get messages instantly or in summary form, how your absence is dealt with: ‘in a meeting’; ‘out of the office’; ‘away from desk’, is entirely up to you – it’s literally your call. Better still, take time to brief and train your Virtual PA, give them access to your CRM, diary or booking system and before you know it you have an integrated front of house service that saves you losing business, secures bookings and orders and deals with the call so you don’t have to.

Your time is freed up, your risk of losing business is vastly reduced, your business looks bigger and more credible and your customer service becomes an asset to your business.