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Control Freak?

Probably a master delegator in the making

After 11 years of my business – Virtual PA Co – receiving the results of delegation, I think we can safely conclude that the best delegators, somewhat ironically, are the control freaks.

By their own admission, control freaks find it hard to let go, hard to believe that someone else will do as good a job, believe that only they can uphold their own standards and are reluctant to release time to hand over workload to someone else.

So why on earth might they make the best delegators?

Delegation is an art form and it takes some doing. Those who do it well – like anything – get the most out of it and whilst control freaks take the most persuading to hand over elements of their business, they do it with thought and precision, clear briefing and clear expectation. They almost never just dump and run.

In addition, when it comes to using a call answering service or a virtual assistant (or Virtual PA Company for both), those who take the time to consider their requirements and expectations and bother to bash out and agree a process for each scenario (assuming your provider is receptive to this) get far better service.

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