Kerinder – My Virtual PA

February 19 2013

My challenge is to grow my business by 20% by the end of November 2013 through the art of delegation. I’ve always delegated, it’s why I set up my first business in the first place: I needed a PA and couldn’t afford one without sharing the cost. I’ve always believed there is a value in... [Read More]

Precious Time

February 15 2013

There it was, lying on the mat, that little red envelope with the familiar hand writing, how lovely after all these years, amazing that we still make the effort, never take anything for granted. Such a horrible dull morning but off to The Holiday Inn for lunch with The Women in Business, you never know... [Read More]

Top Tips to get the best from your Call Answering

February 12 2013

If you have engaged or you’re thinking of engaging a call answering service to support your business, our Top Tips to get the best from your Call Answering/VA/Virtual PA service may help: Make sure the same few people answer your calls – your business needs to be credible, and as small business the chances are... [Read More]

SAQ (Should Ask Question) #1 for your Call Answering Service

February 12 2013

Will I really ‘Never Miss Another Call Again’? Unlikely. In truth, it is impossible to guarantee 100% of calls answered, and you ought to be suspicious of any service that says they do. There will be times when callers will hang up eventually if a call is not answered and may not leave a message... [Read More]