Why is it so hard to delegate to a Virtual PA?

February 20 2015

You know you need the help, there is stuff you would dearly love not to have to do, and you know there is a virtual assistant who could pick up the lot. How good would that be? So why aren’t you doing it? Trust/control – I worry that they’ll screw it up, if you want... [Read More]

Me an office manager! Who would have thought?

February 9 2015

Me an office manager ! Who would have thought? My job is such a varied role and I love it. You would never think that delegating work could be so hard, but slowly over time I have started to get the hang of it. At Virtual PA Co I believe that all my PAs should... [Read More]

The gift of time!

February 9 2015

Gail Thomas founded Virtual PA Co in 2001 because she needed a secretary to answer her calls, manage her diary and book train tickets. She couldn’t afford to employ a whole one by herself, so she decided to share one with like-minded business people. Thousands of clients later, she’s still sharing today with our lovely... [Read More]