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The gift of time!

Gail Thomas founded Virtual PA Co in 2001 because she needed a secretary to answer her calls, manage her diary and book train tickets. She couldn’t afford to employ a whole one by herself, so she decided to share one with like-minded business people. Thousands of clients later, she’s still sharing today with our lovely team based in Peterborough.


It took Gail over a decade to realise that Virtual PA Co – one of her portfolio of businesses, is all about delegation and the benefits it brings to life and business growth. With lots of anecdotal evidence (from thousands of clients large and small) she decided to research it more intensively. The result is The Gift of Time, a book about how delegation can give you the space to succeed. Buy it here


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There will be an online course to accompany the book, available at £4.95 per month for as long as you need it. Register here: