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Airbnb? Let us sort it

We’ve all heard of the world famous Airbnb, but are you aware that it’s now a long way away from its early days of renting somebody’s spare room?

People are now renting their entire house, flat, eco lodge or pirate ship (I kid you not!) to the discerning traveller who is looking for a home away from home holiday experience.

So, you have a lovely property that you think would be suitable for listing on Airbnb but just where do you start? Well, that’s where the amazing staff here at Virtual PA Co can assist you. Under the umbrella of AirDone we offer the following:

  • Upload your supplied photos of your beautiful property
  • Create an eye catching listing to get people eager to rent
  • Create a safety checklist, to ensure both parties are safe and covered
  • Answer all guest communications or enquiries
  • Ensure all guests are fully vetted
  • Manage your diary and bookings
  • Create a pretty PDF welcome pack to be emailed to upcoming guests

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start earning some extra money!