Virtual PA Blog

As our 20th Birthday approaches…

This month is our 20th birthday month. Born on the 26th September 2001, we’ve seen thousands of clients come, leave, stay, return, grow, fail, try again, sell, buy, survive and thrive. A few have been with us since the very start and many of them for many of those years.

Our core team are similarly loyal and we’re proud of the culture, values and ethics that are woven into our little business. Women, founded, led and run (as it happens), ours is an open, honest, sharing and nurturing environment which offers those who join us flexibility, friendship, influence, the chance to be creative and to be involved in all aspects of the business, as well as to share in all aspects of its success.

It’s a nice thing to be able to celebrate and we’ll be kicking back with a glass of something fizzy as we ponder our post pandemic plans and look forward, day by day, to the next 20 years of supporting businesses, small and large, near and far.