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Time for change…..

October 20 2016

Such a lovely picture of the river on The Meadows in Stamford, the changing colour of the leaves as the season moves on. Maybe it is time for you to look at changing things….. We are happy to help you do that. We can answer your calls, manage your appointments, follow up on your sales... [Read More]

What a lovely way to start the week.

August 8 2016

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done I the team over the last two months, you’ve become invaluable and yours and Vicky’s assistance with the interviewing for Nicks role has been great.  As a small thank I have a couple of vouchers for in... [Read More]

Me an office manager! Who would have thought?

February 9 2015

Me an office manager ! Who would have thought? My job is such a varied role and I love it. You would never think that delegating work could be so hard, but slowly over time I have started to get the hang of it. At Virtual PA Co I believe that all my PAs should... [Read More]

I’m A Hopeless Delegator

October 4 2013

Delegation and Cleaning Too often I hear this when I talk to – often the most successful – entrepreneurs and executives. ‘I’m a control freak’ or ‘I’m a perfectionist’, or ‘I can’t bear to let go’, or ‘It’s just too complicated to hand over to anyone else’, usually all of this is accompanied by sheepish looks... [Read More]

The Art of Delegation

January 15 2013

A way to get back to what you love Delegation is an art form, getting it right is a master stroke that frees up time and mind space in disproportionate relationship to the work actually delegated. Indeed someone said to me the other day. This particular task takes me about three hours a week, but... [Read More]

Control Freak?

November 28 2012

Probably a master delegator in the making After 11 years of my business – Virtual PA Co – receiving the results of delegation, I think we can safely conclude that the best delegators, somewhat ironically, are the control freaks. By their own admission, control freaks find it hard to let go, hard to believe that... [Read More]

A service for the discerning client…

May 31 2012

That’s what we’re seeing… a shift in the typical client interested in our service. In 2001 there wasn’t even a name for what we do, we called it ‘secretarial support for small and growing businesses nationwide’. Not a bad description even today. But we now know our service sits somewhere between ‘a call answering service’... [Read More]