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A little bit of history…

August 21 2017

Virtual PA Co was started in 2001 because I needed the service for myself. I couldn’t afford a whole secretary on my own so I decided to share one. Now I share many with hundreds of businesses across the UK. The team at Virtual PA Co enabled my husband to quit corporate life and start... [Read More]

We Are Recruiting! Join Our Friendly Office Team In Peterborough

April 14 2016

Do you have Call Handling & Administration skills? We are looking for a strong and confident communicator. You will need to be flexible to business requirements and have the adaptability to learn new skills quickly. If you would like to apply please email or call Vicky on 01733 645007 [Read More]

Virtual PA Co – 2016 Easter Offer!

March 23 2016

Sign up now and get your second month half price!  How can we help you? The list is endless. Here is just a taster: A… IS FOR ADMINISTRATION  Diary management Airport/concierge parking Meeting rooms booked Gifts ordered Cards sent Order processing Sales Email management Email marketing Data Entry Screening Payment processing Dictations Proof reading and... [Read More]

We know what you want, what you really, really want

June 23 2015

You’re in business, you’re busy, you’ve got to be prudent with an eye on the bottom line, everything has to produce an ROI. Time is short, money is tight. Your workload is huge, you’re interrupted far too often with calls that you shouldn’t be dealing with. Call answering, that’s what you need. Time freed up,... [Read More]

Delegation and Your Annual Holiday .

October 30 2014

Just back from a very relaxing holiday, my batteries are recharged ready for the dark nights and cold weather. Having delegated my work to the team before I left, I could relax and chill without having to be constantly on electronic gadgets which so many other people seemed to be. I was surrounded by holidaymakers... [Read More]

Who has a Virtual PA?

October 22 2014

You’d be surprised. The use of virtual assistants for everything from call answering to power point presentations is on the increase. It’s an exploding industry in terms of growth and the benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes are huge. At Virtual PA Co some of our clients have enjoyed constant service since we... [Read More]

I’m A Hopeless Delegator

October 4 2013

Delegation and Cleaning Too often I hear this when I talk to – often the most successful – entrepreneurs and executives. ‘I’m a control freak’ or ‘I’m a perfectionist’, or ‘I can’t bear to let go’, or ‘It’s just too complicated to hand over to anyone else’, usually all of this is accompanied by sheepish looks... [Read More]

Afternoon Delegation

June 10 2013

That afternoon tea on the tiered cake stand made me think of the layers of a business, from the bottom to the top all very individual, mixing and blending together to make the perfect partners. The Victoria sandwich is placed together – the top then the jam, the cream and finally the bottom all put... [Read More]

Kerinder – My Virtual PA

February 19 2013

My challenge is to grow my business by 20% by the end of November 2013 through the art of delegation. I’ve always delegated, it’s why I set up my first business in the first place: I needed a PA and couldn’t afford one without sharing the cost. I’ve always believed there is a value in... [Read More]

Precious Time

February 15 2013

There it was, lying on the mat, that little red envelope with the familiar hand writing, how lovely after all these years, amazing that we still make the effort, never take anything for granted. Such a horrible dull morning but off to The Holiday Inn for lunch with The Women in Business, you never know... [Read More]